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Live with an alcoholic?  Get Support.

Live with an alcoholic?  Get support.

Many people who live with an alcoholic try to cope by isolating themselves.  Although, because of the stigma and the shame, it seems an obvious thing to do, to avoid people and situations that may make you feel bad, it is a mistake.

If you live an alcoholic then, at times, it probably feels like you are going mad.  You KNOW there is a problem, after all it is blindingly obvious to you.  However he or she totally denies that he or she has a problem with their drinking.  “She could not possibly have a problem as she does not drink nearly as much, or as often, as … whoever. 

You need someone to talk to, to confide in, to listen to you when you feel crazy.  To sit and tell you that you can believe the evidence of your own eyes.  You are not going mad, you do live with an alcoholic.  Regardless of whether he admits it or not his drinking is quite clearly NOT normal!  So the fact that you feel angry, frustrated, depressed, helpless is completely normal under the circumstances.

Hiding yourself away when you live with an alcoholic means that the only other opinion you will get about the situation is the opinion of the drinker him or herself.  And we know what that is going to be.  That, YOU are the problem, not him.  All she wants to do is unwind after a hard day at work, or being bored in the house, or whatever, so what’s the big deal?

Go out and find support.  Look up friends and family that will be there when you need them, that won’t tell you that you are crazy or you need to lighten up.  Only then you will you be able to get the problems that happen when you live with an alcoholic into perspective.  If you can't face people yet then you could try this website, we know how you feel.

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