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This is the beginning of a new chapter in your life.

Many people like you, who live with an alcoholic, have already taken this journey into change.  You will find much to help you here which you can access anytime you want and at a pace that suits your situation. Some of our resources are:

  • Professional help, advice and support
  • Articles
  • Audios
  • Video
  • Private Community

Bottled Up Members Say

I found hope

"As soon as I found Bottled Up I felt hope and it gives various strategies for coping. It's great, that's about all I can say!" M. England, Bottled-up member

I don’t feel alone anymore

"I feel Bottled Up offers me 'true' support and things have improved for me since joining. I don't feel 'alone' anymore and I can be more rational now about the 'problem'." A. UK

Fabulous supportive resource

"I felt that I just needed to make contact to thank you for this fabulous supportive resource which has inspired me with hope that things can get better." S. Australia

Joining Bottled Up

Why should I pay for Membership when there is so much free stuff on this website and other websites?

Really glad you asked that question as it gives us a chance to tell you how Bottled Up is different from all those free websites.  Help in the addiction field traditionally comes in one of three ways. 

1  There is the medical staff and their rehabs, depending where you live they can cost huge amounts of money.  This group rarely provides help for the families of alcoholics. 

2  The second groups are the private counsellors/therapists.  They do sometimes help families but they can be very expensive (over $100 an hour). 

3  Then there are the self/mutual help groups which are ideal for the internet.  The people who run these groups seldom have any formal training and tend to be fellow sufferers.  While many of these groups claim to be free, they generally expect the members to contribute towards the costs.  (As a former member of self-help groups I once calculated that I contributed at least $200 over a year, having attended around 2-3 meetings a week).

Bottled Up is Different

In Bottled Up you get the personal experience of the members which is great.  However what really sets it apart is that you get the ongoing input of the two founders.  (Both Lou and John are professionals, Lou has had her own thriving counselling practice for 25 years.  John is a psychologist, researcher, therapist and trainer of drug and alcohol counsellors for similar length of time.)

That is you get the kind of professional help and support that would get from a private counsellor/therapist but without the hefty price tag that accompanies it.  In fact you get the combined wisdom and experience of two professionals for the price of a cup of coffee a week.  Bottled Up is not just another self help group it is genuine professional help and advice provided in a safe and supportive environment.  We don’t know of any other resource that offers this service and if there is they would definitely not provide it at this kind of low cost.

Maybe the question rather than why should I pay should instead be how do you do it so cheap?  The answer is because we care, we have been there and know what its like.  WE want everyone to get access to good quality help and support therefore, we subsidise this work extensively.

Bottled Up Membership is for people who recognise the problem and are willing to take the next step: the crucial step that will change their situation. 

Do you want to be empowered in your own life?  Then join Bottled Up now

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