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Help my partner drinks too much and I feel alone

Help my partner drinks too much and I feel isolated

Are you someone whose partner drinks too much?  One of the most difficult things about living with an alcoholic or a partner who drinks too much is the feelings that accompany this situation. 

Despite the fact that it is not your fault or your responsibility to put it right you are probably have strong feelings of guilt and shame.  Unfortunately this is very common in your situation.  Even more unfortunately it often leads to the withdrawal and isolation of people who live with a partner who drinks too much.

Have you isolated yourself because your partner drinks too much?

Have you stopped accepting invitations to parties, or even worse, do the invitations no longer come in?  Are you too ashamed for people to see what is happening in your household?  Have you moved away from your friends in case they know your guilty secret – that your partner drinks too much.

The more you isolate yourself the more helpless you will feel and the more helpless you feel the more depressed you can become.

To help you regain some feeling of power in your life and reduce the feelings of helplessness it is wise to confide in someone.  Almost certainly your close friends and family will already be aware that your partner drinks too much.  Something like that is very hard to hide.  So they may be waiting for you to open up.

Obviously be wary who you confide in.  It would only increase your feelings of helplessness and shame if you confided in someone who loves to spread gossip.  So make sure that you are opening up to someone who is trustworthy and you feel comfortable talking to about the fact that your partner drinks too much.

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