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You probably came here because you are living with an alcoholic and you are looking for information.  You have probably looked at a number of websites, talked to a few people and heard the standard advice, which is usually “Get out!” or “Throw him/her out!”

Many of the people who come to us, come because they love their drinker not because they want rid of him/her.

We are not going to tell you what to do.  However we will provide information and resources that will help you to make the right choice for you and your family.  And we will support you regardless of the decision that you make.  after all this is your life. 

Most people come to us because they are confused, frustrated and feeling helpless.

We are here to help.  Lou lived with an alcoholic for 29 years and John is an alcoholic and addict who has been clean and sober for nearly 30 years.  However they are also professionals.  Lou is a counsellor with her own practice and John is a Psychologist who taught alcohol and drug counsellors, GPs and psychologists about addiction and its treatment.

One of the features that most people find very useful is that we will talk about the issue from both sides, the alcoholic and the partner.  This will provide you with some insight not only into what works and what doesn’t but also why some things that you feel should work, just don’t.  Wouldn't you like to understand what is going on in your drinker's mind?

Many people who come to us are looking for a supportive community that understand where they are coming from.

We have a great community.  It is full of people just like you, people who live with and love their drinker and share their successes and low points.  But mainly people who pitch in and help each other, offering advice, personal experience or just a virtual shoulder to cry on.

They come from all over the world UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada etc.  One day we counted that there 26 countries represented here.

Many people come here because they are looking for the magic formula to make their drinker stop drinking.

We really wish that this was something we could offer you.  If we did have it, we would be millionaires now – because no one has that formula.  Sorry. 

What we do have is a way to change your life for the better.  That is one thing that we do promise – that if you follow our program, your life will improve.  And maybe, as a side effect of your change, your drinker will change, but that is not something that we, or anyone else, can promise.

Many people come here because they are looking for privacy and anonymity.

That is something that we can give you.  You can be as anonymous and private as you want to be.  Some join the website and stay in the background, others spend a lot of time sharing on the forum.  The choice is yours, no one will tell you what to do in this website.  And if there are things you don’t like, just leave it aside, you will find plenty of other good stuff that can help.

Most people who come here are looking for information.

That is something that we have plenty of.  If you like to read we have lots of articles.  If you would rather watch it then we have about 6 hours of video.  If you would rather download it and go for a walk with your mp3 player or listen in the car then we have about 36 hours of audio.  If you prefer to interact with the information then we have 12 workbooks, a blog and a forum.  If you would rather that the information came to you then we have two types of daily messages (motivational and spiritual) you can sign up for so they will be delivered to your email inbox and there are also frequent newsletters.  So if information is your thing then we have something for you, in whatever way you like to consume it.

Most people say, yes that all sounds good but what do others think about it.

Well never mind what we say, read what our members have said.

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Lou and John

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